tonni englanniksi   ton, tonne, metric ton, gee, grand


: I’ve got a ton of work to do.

: Ive got tons of work to do.

: rfquotek|Byron

*: If our people of ton are selfish, at any rate they show they are selfish.

*: The metric ton or tonne is accepted as a synonym for the megagramme, and this form Is to be preferred on the grounds of brevity and familiarity in the industry. It may be as well to use the pronunciation tunnie until the risk of confusion with the old ton has passed.

*: The British Steel Corporation, going metric but realising the possible confusion between a ton and a tonne (1,000 kilograms) has directed its staff to pronounce ‘tonne’ ‘tunnie’.

*: The tonne rhymes with con (perhaps not in North America!) to distinguish it from the non-SI unit of weight, the ton rhyming with bun.

: Gee, I didnt know that!

: Gee, this is swell fun!

: This horse wont gee when I tell him to.

: You may need to walk up to the front of the pack and physically gee the lead dog.

: Mush, huskies. Now, gee! Gee!

: rfquotek|Forby

*: Youll say a better Major-General has never sat a gee.

: One branch of English society drops its initial [[aitch]]es, and another branch ignores its terminal gees.

: ten gees

*: Just off the highway theres a small garage and paint-shop run by a gee named Art Huck.

*: The [[brasser]]s, yeh know wha I mean. The gee. Is tha why?

*: But hed had to keep feeling them up and down from her knees up to her gee after shed said that....

*: Lily Neary has a lovely gee and her pore Paddy got his B.A. and by the holy fly I wouldnt recommend you to ask me what class of a tree they were under when he put his hand on her and enjoyed that.

*: And I thought, gee is certainly something that gobshite knows all about.

: a grand mountain

: a grand army

: a grand mistake

: a grand monarch

: a grand view

: a grand conception

: His simple vision has transformed into something far more grand.

: a grand lodge

: a grand vizier

: a grand piano

: ux|en|A cup of tea? Thatd be grand.

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