tort englanniksi   tort en, wrong fr, harm fr


*: that had them long opprest with tort

*: Yet holds he them with tortest rein.

: Some of your answers were correct, and some were wrong.

*: Among this princely heap, if any here / By false intelligence or wrong surmise / Hold me a foe ...

: Youre wrong: hes not Superman at all.

: It is wrong to lie.

: A bikini is the wrong thing to wear on a cold day.

: Something is wrong with my cellphone.

: Dont cry, honey. Tell me whats wrong.

: a wrong nose

: rfquotek|Wyclif Bible (Leviticus xxi. 19)

: I spelled several names wrong in my address book.

: Injustice is a heinous wrong.

*: Can she excuse my wrongs with Virtues cloak? Shall I call her good when she proves unkind?

*: We, ignorant of ourselves, / Beg often our own harms.

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