ungewöhnlich englanniksi   singular de, unusually de, special de, abnormal de


: A singular experiment cannot be regarded as scientific proof of the existence of a phenomenon.

: She has a singular personality.

*: These busts of the emperors and empresses are all very scarce, and some of them almost singular in their kind.

*: And God forbid that all a company / Should rue a singular mans folly.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: a man of singular gravity or attainments

: It was very singular; I dont know why he did it.

*: So singular a sadness / Must have a cause as strange as the effect.

*: His zeal / None seconded, as out of season judged, / Or singular and rash.

: to convey several parcels of land, all and singular

*: to try the matter thus together in a singular combat

: a special episode of a television series

: Everyone is special to someone.

: He goes to a special school.

: The seven dark spots is a special property unique to Coccinella septempunctata.

*: The king hath drawn / The special head of all the land together.

: Were running a special on turkey for Thanksgiving.

: Thousands came to see the special that carried the Presidents coffin.

*: Using the right moves, you can sometimes chain 2 specials in a row to form multiple hit combos.

*: And then after an abnormal meal, which was either a very late breakfast or a very early lunch, they drove on to Victoria Station.

*: Furuseth was right; I was abnormal, an "emotionless monster," a strange bookish creature, capable of pleasuring in sensations only of the mind.

: ux|en|His behavior was unusual in that it was considered childish for a man of his age.

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