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: The government insisted that the embarrassing loss of the tax records was a one-off event.

: Seeing Halleys Comet is a one-off, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

: It is a one-off; there is nothing else like it.

: Ill put together a quick one-off as a sample so we can taste the recipe.

*: The caliga was a military shoe, with a very thick sole, tied above the instep.

*: The dove found no rest for the sole of her foot.

*: Hast wandered through the world now long a day, / Yet ceasest not thy weary soles to lead.

: rfquotek|Totten

: ux|en|He is the only doctor for miles.

: ux|en|The only people in the stadium were the fans: no players, coaches, or officials.

: ux|en|Only the cat sat on the mat. The dog never did.

: ux|en|The only cat sat on the only mat.

: ux|en|He is the only trombonist to recruit.

*: Motleys the only wear.

: ux|en|He is their only son, in fact, an only child.

*: To DAD ¶ who only reared twelve children ¶ and ¶ To MOTHER ¶ who reared twelve only children

*: I know some who wittingly have drawne both profit and preferment from cuckoldrie, the only name whereof is so yrksome and bail-ful to so many men.

: ux|en|My heart is hers, and hers only.   The cat sat only on the mat. It kept off the sofa.

*: To DAD

*: who only reared twelve children

*: and


*: who reared twelve only children

: ux|en|The cat only sat on the mat. It didnt scratch it.   If there were only one more ticket!

: ux|en|He left only moments ago.

*: his most only elected mistress

: ux|en|I would enjoy running, only I have this broken leg.

*: ... and pleasant it was, only for the dust.

*: And Pharaoh said, I will let you go, that ye may sacrifice to the LORD your God in the wilderness; only ye shall not go very far away.

*: The consistent finding ... that infants who are onlies do not differ from those who have siblings despite their lesser history of exposure to differential treatment is perplexing.

*: rhymes|??n|lang=en* Homophones: [[loan]]

: ux|en|a lone traveler or watcher

*: When I have on those pathless wilds appeared, / And the lone wanderer with my presence cheered.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat.nb.... Hed never been in stir, the bulls had never mugged him, he didnt run with a mob, he played a lone hand, and fenced his stuff so that even the fence couldnt swear he knew his face.

: ux|en|a lone house;  a lone isle

*: By a lone well a lonelier column rears.

*: Thus vanish sceptres, coronets, and balls, / And leave you on lone woods, or empty walls.

*: Queen Elizabeth being a lone woman.

*: A hundred mark is a long one for a poor lone woman to bear.

*: The phoenix, the unique of birds.

*: The phoenix, the unique of birds.

: The king retreated to his privy chamber.

: the privy purse

*: Nonetheless, in the dark and privy stillness of our minds there are few of us who are not still haunted by worrisome doubts.

: He was privy to the discussions.

: rfquotek|Burrill

: rfquotek|Wharton

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