unterhalten englanniksi   maintain de, chat de, entertain de


*: And thenne he asked leue & wente oute of his heremytage for to mayntene his neuewe ageynst the myghty Erle / and so hit happed that this man that lyeth here dede dyd so moche by his wysedome and hardynes that the Erle was take and thre of his lordes by force of this dede man

: She chatted with her friend in the cafe.

: I like to chat over a coffee with a friend.

: I met my old friend in the street, so we chatted for a while.

: They chatted politics for a while.

: Do you want to chat online later?

: The Chat just made a joke about my skills.

*: Frank had been looking at calcite crystals for a while now [...] among the chats or zinc tailings of the Lake County mines, down here in the silver lodes of the Vita Madre and so forth.

*: Do officers have chats, then, the same as us?

*: Not the same, no. The chats they got is bigger and better, with pips on their shoulders and Sam Browne belts.

*: May a thousand chats from Belgium crawl under their fingers as they write.

*: Trench foot was a nasty and potentially fatal foot disease commonly caused by these conditions, in which chats or body lice were the bane of all.

: to entertain friends with lively conversation

: The motivational speaker not only instructed but also entertained the audience.

: They enjoy entertaining a lot.

*: Be not forgetful to entertain strangers...

: The committee would like to entertain the idea of reducing the budget figures.

: to entertain a proposal

*: I am not here going to entertain so large a theme as the philosophy of Locke.

*: A rumour gained ground, — and, however absurd, was entertained by some very sensible people.

*: You, sir, I entertain for one of my hundred.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: to baptize all nations, and entertain them into the services and institutions of the holy Jesus

*: But neede, that answers not to all requests, / Bad them not looke for better entertayne […].

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