utan englanniksi   but sv, without sv, sans sv


: Away but the hoose and tell me whaes there.

: Everyone but Father left early.

: I like everything but that.

*: For to see her was to love her,
Love but her, and love for ever.

*: Now the Wicked Witch of the West had but one eye, yet that was as powerful as a telescope, and could see everywhere.

*: The stony outcrops are often covered but thinly with arable soil; winters are bitingly cold, and rainfall scanty and unpredictable.

: Ill have to go home early but.

: ux|en|I have no choice but to leave.

: ux|en|I am not rich but (I am) poor;  not John but Peter went there

: ux|en|She is very old but still attractive.

: ux|en|You told me I could do that, but she said that I could not.

*: There is no reason but hath another contrary unto it, saith the wisest party of Philosophers.

*: And but my noble Moor is true of mind...it were enough to put him to ill thinking.

*: A deadly silence step by step increased, / Until it seemd a horrid presence there, / And not a man but felt the terror in his hair.

: ux|en|I cannot but feel offended.

: ux|en|It never rains but it pours.

*: So insolent that he could not go but either spurning equals or trampling on his inferiors.

*: Touch not the cat but a glove.

*: Observe but how their own principles combat one another.

*: If they kill us, we shall but die.

*: a formidable man but to his friends

: It has to be done – no ifs or buts.

*: Macbeth: Theres blood upon your face

*: Murderer: tis Banquos then

*: Macbeth: tis better thee without then he within.

*: Strange silence here: without, the sounding street

*: Heralds the worlds swift passage to the fire

*: I knew that someone had entered the house cautiously from without.

: Being from a large, poor family, he learned to live without.

: ux|en|The snow was swirling without the cottage, but it was warm within.

*: Without the gate / Some drive the cars, and some the coursers rein.

*: Eternity, before the world and after, is without our reach.

*: Life goes on within you and without you.

: ux|en|It was a mistake to leave my house without a coat.

*: Life goes on within you and without you.

: ux|en|He likes to eat everything without sharing.

: ux|en|He shot without warning anyone.

*: Athelstan Arundel walked home […], foaming and raging....He walked the whole way, walking through crowds, and under the noses of dray-horses, carriage-horses, and cart-horses, without taking the least notice of them.

*: And whanne this old man had sayd thus he came to one of tho knyghtes and sayd I haue lost alle that I haue sette in the / For thou hast rulyd the ageynste me as a warryour and vsed wrong werres with vayne glory more for the pleasyr of the world than to please me / therfor thow shalt be confounded withoute thow yelde me my tresour

*: ‘Why,’ he blurted, ‘because they say Ive no right to come up like this—without we mean to marry—’

*: But in the meantime Robin Hood and his band lived quietly in Sherwood Forest, without showing their faces abroad, for Robin knew that it would not be wise for him to be seen in the neighborhood of Nottingham, those in authority being very wroth with him.

*: Ber. ...And to begin Wench, ?o God helpe me law,
My loue to thee is ?ound, ?ans cracke or flaw.
Ro?a. Sans, ?ans, I pray you.

*: Those with brooms started to sweep literally, at the feet of the crowd, driving it back into the side streets from which it had emerged to form this assembly – now riders sans steeds.

*: But regardless of when Wally had parked himself out in that backyard—sans coat or jacket—somehow, the old lady must have known where Wally would be before he drove out to the Isaacs trailer—or else she followed him out there from his house.

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