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: I gave him express instructions not to begin until I arrived, but he ignored me.

: This book cannot be copied without the express permission of the publisher.

: In my eyes it bore a livelier image of the spirit, it seemed more express and single, than the imperfect and divided countenance.

*: Their human countenance / The express resemblance of the gods.

: I took the express into town.

*: "Give me my express," I said, laying down the Winchester, and he handed it to me cocked.

*: the only remanent express of Christs sacrifice on earth

*: She charged him ... to ask at the express if anything came up from town.

: rfquotek|Eikon Basilike

: ux|en|Words cannot express the love I feel for him.

*: The people of his island of Rokovoko, it seems, at their wedding feasts express the fragrant water of young cocoanuts into a large stained calabash like a punchbowl [...].

*: When a cell “expresses” a gene, it translates the DNA first into a signature messenger RNA (mRNA) sequence and subsequently into a chain of amino acids that forms a protein.

: The Pizza Hut inside Target isnt a full one, its a Pizza Hut Express.

: Some Wal-Marts will include a McDonalds Express.

: The Malls selection of cell phone carriers includes a full AT&T store and a T-Mobile express.

: Microsoft has a free download of Visual Basic .Net Express.

: The human voice is the oldest musical instrument in history.

: She has a pleasant voice.

: His low voice allowed hum to become a bass in the choir.

*: He with a manly voice saith his message.

*: Her voice was ever soft, Gentle, and low; an excellent thing in woman.

*: Thy voice is music.

*: Join thy voice unto the angel choir.

*: After the fire a still small voice.

*: Canst thou thunder with a voice like him?

*: The floods have lifted up their voice.

*: O Marcus, I am warm’d; my heart Leaps at the trumpet’s voice.

: to cultivate the voice

*: I desire to be present with you now, and to change my voice; for I stand in doubt of you.

*: My voice is in my sword.

*: Let us call on God in the voice of his church.

*: Sicinius. How now, my masters! have you chose this man? / 1st Citizen. He has our voices, sir.

*: So shall ye perish; because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the Lord your God.

*: A potent voice of Parliament.

: The theme of this piece constantly migrates between the three voice parts.

*: Rather assume thy right in silence and . . . then voice it with claims and challenges.

*: It was voiced that the king purposed to put to death Edward Plantagenet.

*: phrases of the hearth

*: Thou speakst / In better phrase and matter than thou didst.

*: These suns — for so they phrase em.

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