väsynyt englanniksi   tired fi, drained fi, shot fi, weary fi, jaded fi


: Im tired of this

: a tired song

: I felt so drained after the 3 hours exam, that I wanted to sleep for the next week

: The rear axle will have to be replaced. Its shot.

*: Thompson girl, Im stranded at the Unique Motel / Thompson girl, winterfighters shot on the car as well

: The cloak was shot through with silver threads.

: I have to go to bed now; Im shot.

*: Are you not glad to be shot of him?

: The shot was wide off the mark.

: They took the lead on a last-minute shot.

: The shot flew twenty metres, and nearly landed on the judges foot.

: I brought him hunting as hes a good shot.

: Hed make a bad soldier as hes a lousy shot.

: Id like just one more shot at winning this game.

*: Schwarzenegger also is taking nasty shots from his own party, as GOP conservatives bash some of his appointments as Kennedyesque and traitorous to party values.

: Id like a shot of whisky in my coffee.

: We got a good shot of the hummingbirds mating.

: I went to the doctor to get a shot for malaria.

: His solo shot in the seventh inning ended up winning the game.

: rfquotek|TottenWebster 1913

: Drink up. Its his shot.

*: Here no shots are where all shares be.

*: A man is never ... welcome to a place till some certain shot be paid and the hostess say "Welcome".

: ux|en|A weary traveller knocked at the door.

*: I care not for my spirits if my legs were not weary.

*: [I] am weary, thinking of your task.

*: There was a neat hat-and-umbrella stand, and the strangers weary feet fell soft on a good, serviceable dark-red drugget, which matched in colour the flock-paper on the walls.

: ux|en|soldiers weary of marching, or of confinement;  nowrap|I grew weary of studying and left the library.

: ux|en|He gave me a weary smile.

*: weary way

*: There passed a weary time.

*: So shall he waste his means, weary his soldiers,

*: I would not cease / To weary him with my assiduous cries.

*: Yet there was no time to be lost if I was ever to get out alive, and so I groped with my hands against the side of the grave until I made out the bottom edge of the slab, and then fell to grubbing beneath it with my fingers. But the earth, which the day before had looked light and loamy to the eye, was stiff and hard enough when one came to tackle it with naked hands, and in an hours time I had done little more than further weary myself and bruise my fingers.

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