växa englanniksi   wax sv, grow sv


: ux|en|What role does the wax in your earhole fulfill?

*: "You telling me you know who really waxed him and your mom?" / "Yeah," she lied. / "Just who pulled the trigger or who ordered it to be pulled?"

: ux|en|to [[wax lyrical]];  to wax eloquent;  to [[wax wode]]

*: For nature, crescent, does not grow alone / In thews and bulks, but, as this temple waxes, / The inward service of the mind and soul / Grows wide withal.

*: ‘Thats him to a T,’ she would murmur; or, ‘Just wait till he reads this’; or, ‘Ah, wont that put him in a wax!’

: Children grow quickly.

: Flowers grew on the trees as summer approached.

: A long tail began to grow from his backside.

: He grows peppers and squash each summer in his garden.

: Have you ever grown your hair before?

: The boy grew wise as he matured.

: The town grew smaller and smaller in the distance as we travelled.

: You have grown strong.

*: Our knees shall kneel till to the ground they grow.

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