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*: One of the fish stalls specialized in boning shad, and he who has never eaten a boned shad baked twenty minutes on a hot oak plank has been deprived of the most delicious morsel that the ocean yields.

*: The ballottine is made of a piece of meat, fowl, game or fish which is boned, stuffed, and rolled into the shape of a bundle. The term ballottine should strictly apply only to meat, boned and rolled, but not stuffed.

*: Then it is boned; keeping the bone in during cooking improves the flavour and enriches the meat with calcium.

*: Other fish suited to boning through the back include small bluefish, Arctic char, steelhead salmon, salmon, small wild striped bass, hybrid striped bass, Whitefish, drum, trout, and sea trout.

*: He cites an instance of land heavily boned 70 years ago as “still markedly luxuriant beyond any other grass land in the same district.”

: to bone stays

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: [[boning rod]]

: So, did you bone her?

*: "You dont know!", Bony echoed. "You can tell me who boned me fifteen years ago on the other side of the world, and you cant tell me who killed the white-fella in the Crater".

: [[bone up]]

*: "I know it. You do not study." "Whats the use of boning all the time! I wasnt cut out for it."

*: "...the permanent boning (excessive polishing) of boots by recruits"

*: “Did I?” said Squeers, “Well it was rather a startling thing for a stranger to come and recommend himself by saying that he knew all about you, and what your name was, and why you were living so quiet here, and what you had boned, and who you had boned it from.”

*: long as you and I live I take it for granted that you will not suspect me of boning them. But to guard against casualties hereafter, I have asked Nicolay to write you a line saying that I have never had in my possession or custody any of the papers which you entrusted to him.

*: Therefore she wants to take results that belong to other people: she wants to bone everybody elses loaf.

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*: Joiners, etc., bone their work with two straight edges.

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