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*: Eadig [[the|ðe]] [[thane|ðegn]] ðone miððy [[comes|cymes]] hlaferd his [[one|on]]-[[find|fand]] [[so|sua]] [[doing|doende]].

*: [[blessed|Ble??ed]] is that [[servant|?eruant]], [[whom]]e his Lord when he [[comes|commeth]], [[shall|?hal]] [[find]]e [[so|?o]] doing.

*: Por. ...But now, I was the Lord

*: of this [[fair]]e [[mansion|man?ion]], [[master|mai?ter]] of my [[servants|?eruants]],

*: [[queen|Queene]] [[over|oer]] [[myself|my ?elfe]]...

*: Lords of manors are distinguished from other land-owners with regard to the [[game]].

*: Ymbe ðet lond et cert ðe hire eðelmod hire hlabard salde.

*: ...thou [[worthy|worthie]] Lord,

*: Of that [[unworthy|vnworthie]] wife that [[greets|greeteth]] thee

*: Pet. Katherine, I charge thee, tell [[these|the?e]] [[head-strong|head-?trong]] women,

*: What [[duty|dutie]] they [[do]]e owe their Lords and [[husbands|hu?bands]]!

*: Therefore Sarah laughed within her [[self|?elfe]], [[saying|?aying]], After I am [[wax]]ed old, [[shall|?hall]] I [[have|haue]] [[pleasure|plea?ure]], my lord being old [[also|al?o]]?

*: Yes, here I am, my good friend; and here I have been so long, that anywhere else I should think it necessary to [[apologise]]; but, the truth is, that I am waiting for my lord and master.

*: [[as|Als]] [[our]]e lauerd has [[heaven|heuen]] in hand

*: [[so|Sua]] [[should|suld]] man be lauerd of land.

*: All [[such]]e lordes as have gutters [[betwixt|betuxte]] [[their|thar]] houses.

*: A [[mighty|mightie]] Lord of Swine!

*: Turnus...

*: Wrenchd from his feeble hold the shining Sword;

*: And plungd it in the Bosom of its Lord.

*: Lord, the owner of the land in which a mine is situated is called the ‘lord’.

*: Ohthere sæde his hlaforde, Ælfrede cyninge, þæt...

*: It is a [[piteous|pytuouse]] case... [[when|whan]] [[subjects|subjectes]] [[rebel]]l [[against|agaynst]] their [[natural]]l lorde.

*: Man over men He made not Lord.

*: To fare out as fast with his fader to speke, & with lordesse of [[that|þat]] [[land|lond]].

*: Men [[might|myghten]] lordis [[know]]e

*: By [[their|there]] [[array]]e, from [[other|oþir]] [[folk]]e.

*: If such [[person]]e [[be]]e of the estate of a Lord, as [[duke|Duc]], [[marquess|Marques]], [[earl|Erle]], [[viscount|Viscount]] or [[baron|Baron]].

*: Princes, and noble Lords:

*: What [[answer|an?wer]] [[shall|?hall]] I make to this [[base|ba?e]] man?

*: Our English name Lord, whereby we and the Scots [[style|stile]] all such as are of the Greater [[nobility|Nobilitie]] i. Barons, as also Bishops.

*: The Englishman of to-day still dearly loves a lord.

*: [[far|Farre]] [[excelling|excellyng]] the state of lordes, [[earls|erles]], dukes or [[kings|kynges]].

*: The Marquess played off the two Lords and the Baronet against his former friend.

*: O wityng [[both|bath]] [[good|god]] and ill ?ee suld be lauerds at ?our will.

*: The [[sun|sonne]] is the lorde of [[planets|planetes]].

*: 1697, w|John Dryden translating w|Publius Virgilius Maro as w|Georgics, iii

*: Love is Lord of all.

*: But are you still master of your domain?

*: I am king of the county. You?

*: Lord of the manor.

*: Oh, Oh! The cotton Lords are tearing!

*: The [[ascendant|assendent]], & eke the lord of the [[ascendant|assendent]], may be shapen for to be [[fortunate|fortunat]] or [[unfortunate|infortunat]], as thus, a [[fortunate|fortunat]] [[ascendant|assendent]] clepen they [[when|whan]] [[that|þat]] no [[wicked|wykkid]] [[planet]]e, as [[Saturn]]e or Mars, or [[else|elles]] the tail of the [[dragon|dragoun]], is in [[the|þe]] [[house|hows]] of the [[ascendant|assendent]].

*: Lord, a very crooked, deformed... Person.

*: Twenty years ago you might hear a sixpence described as a ‘Lord’ meaning ‘[[Lord of the Manor]]’; that is, a [[tanner]].

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: sovereign nation

*: The soueraigne weede betwixt two marbles plaine / She pownded small, and did in peeces bruze, / And then atweene her lilly handes twaine, / Into his wound the iuyce thereof did scruze ...

*: a sovereign remedy

*: Such a sovereign influence has this passion upon the regulation of the lives and actions of men.

*: most sovereign name

*: We acknowledge him [God] our sovereign good.

*: No question is to be made but that the bed of the Mississippi belongs to the sovereign, that is, to the nation.

*: No, someone who wears loads of sovereigns as well loads of gold and has uh a curly perm and peroxide blonde hair, orange, orange sunbed skin and a fringe like this blow-dried to death, that’s a ‘[[scally]]’.

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