vanhanaikainen englanniksi   retro fi, nonmodern fi, backwards fi, antiquated fi, traditional fi, old-fashioned fi, out of date fi, superannuated fi, outdated fi


: The battleship had three backwards guns at the stern, in addition to the primary complement.

: The backwards lettering on emergency vehicles makes it possible to read in the rear-view mirror.

: Modern medicine regards the use of leeches as a backwards practice.

: He was a very backwards scholar, but he was a marvel on the football field.

: The cabinet [[topple]]d over backwards.

: Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.—Søren Kierkegaard

: The clock did not work because the battery was inserted backwards.

: The tour guide walked backwards while droning on to the bored seniors.

: They left without a backward glance.

: The occasional backward movement of planets is evidence they revolve around the sun.

*: Then her eyes, always alert for the affairs of her kitchen, fell on some action of the Chinese cook which aroused her violent disapproval. She turned on him with a torrent of abuse. The Chink was not backward to defend himself, and a very lively quarrel ensued.

*: For wiser brutes were backward to be slaves.

: a backward child

: a backward season

*: "... Ive a job of work to finish tonight; mourning, as must be in time for the funeral to-morrow; and grandfather has been out moss- hunting, and will not be home till late."
"Oh, how charming it will be! Ill help you if youre backward. Have you much to do?"

*: and flies unconscious oer each backward year

: to walk or ride backward; to throw the arms backward

*: some reigns backward

: rfquotek|Sir J. Davies

*: The work went backward.

*: In the dark backward and abysm of time.

: I think her traditional values are antiquated.

: ux|en|My bike is old-fashioned but it gets me around.

: ux|en|You can’t stay the night, because my parents are a bit old-fashioned.

: My bus pass is out of date - Ill have to go buy a new one.

: I cant eat this salad, its out of date.

: The dresses she wears are quite out of date.

*: Your correspondent has a handful of superannuated computers lying around the home. The sprightliest of the bunch—a 400-megahertz Pentium II that came loaded with Windows NT4.0—has found a new lease on life as a Linux server.

*: To call the sexual politics of Ladette to Lady old-fashioned is an understatement. Its a horrifying revival of superannuated attitudes about women dressed up as an educational excursion into young womanhood that exploits its subjects by loading them up on alcohol when the cameras are rolling.

*: Files written fifteen or twenty years ago on superannuated computers and obsolete operating systems are for practical purposes irretrievable.

*: The 158 was a delicate and not especially sure-handling device, but by now its engine had been modified to produce 250 horsepower, which gave it a decisive speed advantage over the superannuated old clunkers that were predominately arranged against it.

: His outdated word processing software could not read the files I sent.

: Your version of the document is outdated.

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