varautua englanniksi   dress fi, allow fi, anticipate fi


: ux|en|Amy and Mary looked very pretty in their dresses.

: ux|en|He came to the party in formal dress.

*: but syr Gawayns spere brak / but sir marhaus spere helde / And therwith syre Gawayne and his hors russhed doune to the erthe / And lyghtly syre Gawayne rose on his feet / and pulled out his swerd / and dressyd hym toward syr Marhaus on foote

: ux|en|It was time to dress the windows for Christmas again.

*: dressing their hair with the white sea flower

*: If he felt obliged to expostulate, he might have dressed his censures in a kinder form.

*: Daily she dressed him, and did the best / His grievous hurt to guarish, that she mightnb....

*: ...he was deadly pale, and the blood-stained bandage round his head told that he had recently been wounded, and still more recently dressed.

: ux|en|He was dressed in the latest fashions.

: ux|en|I rose and dressed before daybreak.  Its very cold out. Dress warm.

: ux|en|Does sir dress to the right or the left?

: to dress leather or cloth;  to dress a garden;  to dress grain, by cleansing it;  in mining and metallurgy, to dress ores, by sorting and separating them

*: When he dresseth the lamps he shall burn incense.

*: three hundred horses...smoothly dressed

: to dress the ranks

: Right, dress!

: ux|en|to allow a servant his liberty;  to allow a free passage;  to allow one day for rest

*: ... he needed a great deal of money, but his uncle only allowed him two thousand roubles a year, which was not enough, and for days together he would run about Moscow with his tongue out, as the saying is.

: ux|en|to allow a right;  to allow a claim;  to allow the truth of a proposition

*: I allow, with Mrs. Grundy and most moralists, that Miss Newcomes conduct...was highly reprehensible.

: ux|en|To allow a sum for leakage.

: ux|en|To allow a son to be absent.

: ux|en|Smoking allowed only in designated areas.

*: With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get...

: ux|en|Although I dont consent to their holding such meetings, I will allow them for the time being.

*: Half the night passed before the wench allowed that it might be safe to stop.

: When calculating a budget for a construction project, always allow for [[contingency|contingencies]].

*: The inlet allowed a facility to bring the money in a boat secretly and at night to the very foot of the hill.

*: Ye allow the deeds of your fathers.

*: We commend his pains, condemn his pride, allow his life, approve his learning.

*: Thou shalt be ... allowed with absolute power.

*: How allow you the model of these clothes?

: To anticipate and prevent the dukes purpose. --R. Hall.

: He would probably have died by the hand of the executioner, if indeed the executioner had not been anticipated by the populace. -- [[w:Thomas Babington Macaulay|Thomas Babington Macaulay]].

: The advocate plans to anticipate a part of her argument.

: to anticipate the pleasures of a visit

: to anticipate the evils of life

: Please anticipate a journey of an hour from your house to the airport

: Little Johnny started to anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus a week before Christmas.

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