vasikoida englanniksi   squeak, grass, calve, snitch, squeal


*: If he be obstinate, put a civil question to him upon the rack, and he squeaks, I warrant him.

*: ... allowing Parkinson to squeak into the final by a half-point margin.

*: two years old next grass

*: Surely the people is grass.

*: He flew at me with his knife, and I had to grass him twice, and got a cut over the knuckles, before I had the upper hand of him.

: to grass a fish

: The glacier was starting to calve even as we watched.

: The sea was dangerous because of icebergs calving off the nearby glacier.

*: Besides, I shall require your help in snitching the pig. But I was forgetting. You are not abreast of that side of our activities, are you? Emsworth has a pig. The Duke wants it.

*: Yah, I wouldnt git a [[secondhand|second-and]] dress at a pawnbrokers!

*: [[garn|Garn]]! said Liza indignantly. Ill [[swipe]] yer over the snitch if yer talk ter me. [...] "

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