vastaava englanniksi   corresponding, analogous, equivalent


*: After all, if we think of the Vatican as a vast and hugely successful multinational corporation, then this interview would appear to be the equivalent of a profits warning. At the very least, it would seem to be tinkering with the formula of the biggest spiritual brand in the world, analogous to Coca-Cola changing its famous recipe in 1985.

*: For now to serve and to minister, servile and ministerial, are terms equivalent.

*: Finite sets A and B are equivalent sets only when n(A) = n(B) i.e., the number of elements in A and B are equal.

*: All enumerable sets are equivalent to each other, but not to any finite set.

*: Equivalent sets should, by rights, have the same "number" of elements. For this reason we sometimes say that equivalent sets have the same cardinality.

*: The equivalence theorem: If both M is equivalent to a subset N1 of N and N is equivalent to a subset M1 of M, then the sets M and N are equivalent to each other.

: A square may be equivalent to a triangle.

*: He owned that, if the Test Act were repealed, the Protestants were entitled to some equivalent.

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