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*: perform all those works of mercy, which Clemens Alexandrinus calls amoris et amicitiæ impletionem et extentionem, the extent and complement of lovenb....

*: And both encreast the prayse of woman kynde, / And both encreast her beautie excellent: / So all did make in her a perfect complement.

*: Queequeg sought a passage to Christian lands. But the ship, having her full complement of seamen, spurned his suit; and not all the King his fathers influence could prevail.

*: Some 11 members of Somerton councils complement of 15 stepped down on Tuesday.

*: A doleful case desires a doleful song,

*: Without vain art or curious complements.

*: Garnishd and deckd in modest complement,

*: A man should be judged by himselfe, and not by his complements.

*: The sixth Bishop of Ely had very curious arms, for he bore both sun and moon on his shield, the sun "in his splendour" and the moon "in her complement".

*: History is the complement of poetry.

*: Londons Kings Place, now one year old, established itself as a venue for imaginative programming, a complement to the evergreen Wigmore Hall.

*: Why has our grammar broken down at this point? It is not difficult to see why. For, we have failed to make any provision for the fact that only some Verbs in English (i.e. Verbs like those italicized in (5) (a), traditionally called Transitive Verbs) subcategorize ( = ‘take?) an immediately following NP Complement, whereas others (such as those italicised in (5) (b), traditionally referred to as Intransitive Verbs) do not.

: The complement of blue is orange.

: The complement of the odd numbers is the even numbers, relative to the natural numbers.

: The complement of 01100101_2 is 10011010_2.

: The complement of 01100101_2 is 10011011_2.

: The complement of −123 is 123.

: A DNA molecule is formed from two strands, each of which is the complement of the other.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: We believe your addition will complement the team.

: The flavors of the pepper and garlic complement each other, giving a very rich taste in combination.

: I believe our talents really complement each other.

: The numeric complement of -123 is 123.

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