vereinen englanniksi   unify de, combine de, unite de


*: Ultimately, all frequencies unify into an unmoving state of zero frequency or vacuum. In other words, all seven sound vibrations or notes unify into silence; all thought frequencies (positive and negative) unify into no-thought or no-mind; and all seven colors of the rainbow unify into pure space that appears dark when it is invisible and as light when it is visible.

*: You with your foes combine, / And seem your own destruction to design.

*: So sweet did harp and voice combine.

: ux|en|Combine the milk and the hot water in a large bowl.   Im combining business and pleasure on this trip.

: Joe combines the intelligence of a rock with the honesty of a politician.

: two substances that easily combine

*: I am combined by a sacred vow.

: We cant finish harvesting because our combine is stuck in the mud.

: The telecom companies were accused of having formed an illegal combine in order to hike up the network charges.

: The new government will try to unite the various factions.

: If we want to win, we will need to unite.

: I hope this song can unite people from all different cultures.

*: Occasionally Scots and Irish coins are also found. The gold hoards consist entirely of crown gold unites, half unites and quarter unites from the reigns of James I and Charles I.

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