vergewaltigen englanniksi   rape de, abuse de


*: Ruined orphans of thy rapes complain.

*: Few of the Teleri were willing to go forth to war, for they remembered the slaying at the Swanhaven, and the rape of their ships.

*: Sat. Traytor, if Rome haue law, or we haue power, / Thou and thy Faction shall repent this Rape.

*: Bass. Rape call you it my Lord, to cease my owne, / My true betrothed Loue, and now my wife?

*: The tale of the rape of Lucretia, for example, is hardly tellable - as many Roman writers themselves discovered - without raising the question of where seduction ends and rape begins; the rape of the Sabines puts a similar question mark over the distinction between rape and marriage.

*: I fled; but he pursued (though more, it seems, / Inflamed with lust than rage), and, swifter far, / Me overtook, his mother, all dismayed, / And, in embraces forcible and foul / Engendering with me, of that rape begot / These yelling monsters [...].

*: Last April the media world exploded in indignation at the rape and beating of a jogger in Central Park.

*: Where now are all my hopes? O, never more. / Shall they revive! nor death her rapes restore.

*: Dr Ashoks eyes had a tendency to pop whenever he wanted to rape your attention.

*: It is six years since my just action to reclaim the armaments raped from here by the Lairds of Dalgetty and Tolly ....

*: Paridell rapeth Hellenore: / Malbecco her pursewes: / Findes emongst Satyres, whence with him / To turne she doth refuse.

*: A Princess rap’d transcends a Navy stormd.

*: "They taught us nothing but how to cheat, curse and abuse. I never killed in cold blood even if I was known as one of the most fearless fighters. Yes, I abducted several children, I robbed and beat, but I never raped."

*: I raped your richest roadstead—I plundered Singapore!

: My experienced opponent will rape me at chess.

*: It seems to me very clear that the rapes of Sussex were divisions already existing there when the Normans landed.

*: There is little, if any, doubt that the division of Sussex into six rapes had been carried out before the Conquest, though the term is not mentioned in any Old English record.

*: These four castles dominated the Sussex rapes named after them; the fifth rape, Bramber, held by William de Braose, was in existence by 1084.

*: So ofte a-daye I mot thy werk renewe, It to correcte and eek to rubbe and scrape; And al is thorugh thy negligence and rape.

*: After the Industrial Revolution, it was discovered that rape also yields oil suitable for lubrication.

: a rape of grapes

: rfquotek|Ray

: All abuse, whether physical, verbal, psychological or sexual, is bad.

*: Liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty, as well as by the abuses of power.

*: The ... tellers of news abused the general.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: When Cyrus had espied Astyages and his fellows coming drunk from a banquet loaden with variety of follies and filthiness, their legs failing them, their eyes red and staring, cozened with a moist cloud and abused by a double object

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