vernichten englanniksi   blight de, ruin de, destroy de, abolish de, annihilate de, wipe out de


*: [This vapour] blasts vegetables, blights corn and fruit, and is sometimes injurious even to man.

: This vine never blights.

: Those obscene tattoos are going to blight your job prospects.

*: seared in heart and lone and blighted

*: The Veian and the Gabian towers shall fall, / And one promiscuous ruin cover all; / Nor, after length of years, a stone betray / The place where once the very ruins lay.

*: The labour of a day will not build up a virtuous habit on the ruins of an old and vicious character.

: ux|en|The monastery has fallen into ruin.

: ux|en|Gambling has been the ruin of many.

*: The errors of young men are the ruin of business.

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat.nb.... He...played a lone hand,nb.... Most lone wolves had a moll at any rate—women were their ruin—but if the Bat had a moll, not even the grapevine telegraph could locate her.

*: His ruin startled the other steeds.

: ux|en|the ruin of a ship or an army;  nowrap|the ruin of a constitution or a government;nowrap|the ruin of health or hopes

*: Ruin seize thee, ruthless king!

*: In one way, indeed, he bade fair to ruin us; for he kept on staying week after week, and at last month after month, so that all the money had been long exhausted...

: He ruined his new white slacks by accidentally spilling oil on them.

*: By the fireside there are old men seated, / Seeling ruined cities in the ashes.

: My car breaking down just as I was on the road ruined my vacation.

: The earthquake destroyed several apartment complexes.

: Hooligans destroy unprovoked

: Smoking destroys the natural subtlety of the palate

: Destroying a [[rabid]] dog is required by law.

: The memory leak happened because we forgot to destroy the temporary lists.

: Slavery was abolished in the nineteenth century.

*: And with thy blood abolish so reproachful blot.

*: His quick instinctive hand Caught at the hilt, as to abolish him.

: An atom bomb can annihilate a whole city.

*: of all the opinions which Antiquity hath had of men in gross, those which I most willingly embrace, and whereon I take most hold, are such as most vilifie, condemne, and annihilate us.

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