verrata englanniksi   liken, compare, contrast


*: That our work, therefore, might be in no danger of being likened to the labours of these historians, we have taken every occasion of interspersing through the whole sundry similes, descriptions, and other kind of poetical embellishments.

: ux|en|The physics teacher likened the effect of [[mass]] on space to an [[indentation]] in a sheet of [[rubber]].

: ux|en|Compare the tigers coloration with that of the zebra.

: ux|en|You cant compare my problems and yours.

: ux|en|Astronomers have compared comets to dirty snowballs.

*: Solon compared the people unto the sea, and orators and counsellors to the winds; for that the sea would be calm and quiet if the winds did not trouble it.

: ux|en|We compare "good" as "good", "better", "best".

: ux|en|A sapling and a fully-grown oak tree do not compare.

*: Shall pack with Caesars?

*: To fill his bags, and richesse to compare.

*: His mighty champion, strong beyond compare.

*: Their small galleys may not hold compare with our tall ships.

*: It is always advisable to run a compare between your source and target environments. This should highlight whether there are differences in the lengths of VARCHARs and then the differences can be corrected before you clone.

*: Rhymes full of protest, of oath, and big compare.[[Category:1000 English basic words]]----

: ux|en|The red and the orange dont have much contrast between them — I can hardly tell them apart.

: ux|en|Israel is a country of many contrasts.

*: The colonel and his sponsor made a queer contrast: Greystone [the sponsor] long and stringy, with a face that seemed as if a cold wind was eternally playing on it.

: Foreground and background strongly contrast.

*: The joints which divide the sandstone contrast finely with the divisional planes which separate the basalt into pillars.

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