versagen englanniksi   fail de, flop de, failure de


: Throughout my life, I have always failed.

: The truck failed to start.

: The report fails to take into account all the mitigating factors.

: After running five minutes, the engine failed.

*: There shall not fail thee a man on the throne.

*: A poor Irish Widow […] went forth with her three children, bare of all resource, to solicit help from the Charitable Establishments of that City. At this Charitable Establishment and then at that she was refused; referred from one to the other, helped by none; — till she had exhausted them all; till her strength and heart failed her: she sank down in typhus-fever […]

: I failed in English last year.

: The professor failed me because I did not complete any of the course assignments.

*: though that seat of earthly bliss be failed

: The crops failed last year.

*: as the waters fail from the sea

*: Till Lionels issue fails, his should not reign.

*: If ever they fail of beauty, this failure is not be attributed to their size.

*: When earnestly they seek / Such proof, conclude they then begin to fail.

: A sick man fails.

*: had the king in his last sickness failed

*: Which ofttimes may succeed, so as perhaps / Shall grieve him, if I fail not.

: The project was full of fail.

: He flopped down in front of the television as he was exhausted from work.

: rfquotek|Charles Dickens

: The latest album flopped and so the studio canceled her contract.

: It starts with Chris Paul, because Blake didnt really used to flop like that, you know, last year.

: While Stern chastised Vogel for on Thursday calling the Heat "the biggest flopping team in the NBA," he did intimate that he sees merit in the sentiment.

: The brim of a hat flops.

*: The flop didnt help you but probably did help the other hands.

*: Here are six tips to help you play successfully on the flop (the first three communal cards).

*: The strength of your hand now has nothing to do with how strong it may have been before the flop.

*: They have opened up crypts and basements as immense pads where vagrant and impoverished hippies can flop for the night..

*: ... is not just the old material goal of "three hots and a place to flop," it ....

*: Hugh and the boys playing in beautiful settings with beautiful young babes was a far cry from grungy hippies doing it in a filthy flop house, ...

*: ... cowpat or cow-flop, Cow dung, often used dry as heating fuel.

*: "Maybe as you think," he said, "because as Ive the misfortune of an accidental slip on a cow-flop therefore I has the inability of an unborn babe, ...

*: "Cow flop in a neat package is still cow flop. What did Cable stand to gain from the flood?"

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