veto englanniksi   traction fi, veto sv, draft fi, draught fi, attraction fi, wager fi, negative fi, veterinarian fr, bet fi, clean fi, pull fi, tactic fi, punt fi, stroke fi


*: This contemptuous veto of her husbands on any intimacy with her family.

*: This contemptuous veto of her husbands on any intimacy with her family.

*: This contemptuous veto of her husbands on any intimacy with her family.

*: This contemptuous veto of her husbands on any intimacy with her family.

*: This contemptuous veto of her husbands on any intimacy with her family.

: I have to revise the first draft of my term paper.

: His first drafts were better than most authors final products.

: She took a deep draft from the bottle of water.

: He left the country to avoid the draft.

: Id rather have a fresh, cheap draft beer.

*: A general custom of using oxen for all sort of draught would be, perhaps, the greatest improvement.

*: She sent an arrow forth with mighty draught.

*: He laid down his pipe, and cast his net, which brought him a very great draught.

*: The Hertfordshire wheel plough ... is of the easiest draught.

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: A draught of a Toleration Act was offered to the Parliament by a private member.

*: No picture or draught of these things from the report of the eye.

*: He preferred to go and sit upon the stairs, in ... a strong draught of air, until he was again sent for.

: She took a deep draught from the bottle of water.

*: “Drink and pass!” he cried, handing the heavy charged flagon to the nearest seaman. “The crew alone now drink. Round with it, round! Short draughts—long swallows, men; ’tis hot as Satan’s hoof.

*: he sayde vnto Simon: Cary vs into the depe, and lett slippe thy nett to make a draught.

*: Upon the draught of a pond, not one fish was left.

*: Finally I gave him a draught, and he sank into uneasy slumber.

: to apply draughts to the feet

*: Then sayde Jesus: are ye yett withoute understondinge? perceave ye not, that whatsoever goeth in at the mouth, descendeth doune into the bely, and ys cast out into the draught?

*: Rid me these Villaines from your companies; / Hang them, or stab them, drowne them in a draught, / Confound them by some course, and come to me, / Ile giue you Gold enough.

*: And therefore, for the whole process, and full representation, there must be more than one draught; the one representing him in station, the other in session, another in genuflexion.

*: drawing sudden draughts upon the enemy when he looketh not for you

: ux|en|The Moon is held in its orbit by the attraction of the Earths gravity.

: ux|en|I felt a strange attraction towards the place.

: ux|en|The new mall should be a major attraction.

: The FBI vets all nominees to the Federal bench.

*: Besides these Plates, the Wagers may be as the Persons please among themselves, but the Horses must be evidenced by good Testimonies to have been bred in Ireland.

*: If any atheist can stake his soul for a wager against such an inexhaustible disproportion, let him never hereafter accuse others of credulity.

: rfquotek|Bouvier

: Id wager my boots on it.

: Ill wager that Johnson knows something about all this.

*: The high exchange rate will have a negative effect on our profits.

*: Customers didnt like it: feedback was mostly negative.

*: I dont like to hang around him very much because he can be so negative about his petty problems.

: The nitro group is negative.

*: Negative feelings can be worked through and their energy converted into positive energy... In crisis, normal patterns of self-organization fail, resulting in anxiety (negative energy).

*: The threat of negative feelings may seem very real, but they are nothing more than mirages... Allow the unwanted feelings to evaporate and dissolve as the mirages that they are.

*: If you have been badly affected by negative energy a salt bath is wonderful for clearing and cleansing yourself... Salt attracts negative energy and will draw it away from you.

*: Geoffrey Riddell [[:w:Bishop of Ely|Bishop of Ely]] […] made a request of him for timber from his woods towards certain edifices going on at [[:w:Glemsford|Glemsford]]. [[:w:Samson of Tottington|The Abbot]], a great builder himself, disliked the request; could not however give it a negative.

*: And as to the Constitutionality of laws, that point will come before the Judges in their proper official character. In this character they have a negative on the laws.

*: The qualified negative of the President differs widely from this absolute negative of the British sovereign; [...]

*: In the convention there does not seem to have been much diversity of opinion on the subject of the propriety of giving to the president a negative on the laws.

*: Poppy earnestly begged to be allowed to go with Jasmine on the roof, but this the good lady negatived with horror.

*: At one time an idea got abroad that the whole tale of her fortune had been a myth; ... but the boastings of various servants who declared they had seen her with “rolls on rolls” of banknotes ... negatived the truth of this statement.

: Dylan owes Fletcher $30 from an unsuccessful bet.

: It’s a safe bet that it will rain tomorrow.

: It’s an even bet that Jim will come top of the maths test tomorrow

*: John a Gaunt loved him well, and betted much money on his head.

*: Ill bet you two to one Ill make him do it.

: You bet!

*: insert right-hand needle bet 2 sts just knitted[[Category:English irregular verbs]][[Category:English verbs with base form identical to past participle]][[Category:en:Betting]]----

: ux|en|Are these dishes clean?  Your room is finally clean!

*: Then his sallow face brightened, for the hall had been carefully furnished, and was very clean. ¶ There was a neat hat-and-umbrella stand, and the strangers weary feet fell soft on a good, serviceable dark-red drugget, which matched in colour the flock-paper on the walls.

: ux|en|Put a clean sheet of paper into the printer.

: ux|en|The cargo hold is clean.  nowrap|Mister, I want to see a clean dinner plate or therell be no dessert for you.

: ux|en|clean steel

: ux|en|Our kids can watch this movie because it is clean.

*: Create in me a clean heart, O God.

*: That I am whole, and clean, and meet for Heaven.

: ux|en|Ive been clean this time for eight months.

: ux|en|Unlike you, I’ve never caused any accidents — my record is still clean!

: ux|en|I’m clean, officer. You can go ahead and search me if you want.

: ux|en|I’ll need a sharper knife to make clean cuts.  nowrap|a clean leap over a fence

*: Moreover, I find there are some Words now in French which are turned to a Countersense ... Cocu is taken for one whose Wife is light, and hath made him a passive Cuckold; whereas clean contrary, Cocu, which is the Cuckow, doth use to lay her Eggs in another Birds Nest.

: ux|en|Wow, Dude, those are some clean shoes ya got there!

: ux|en|I want to make sure my fiancé is clean before we are married.

: ux|en|clean energy;  clean coal

: ux|en|clean land;  clean timber

*: When ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not make clean riddance of corners of thy field.

: ux|en|clean limbs

: This place needs a clean.

: Can you clean the windows today?

: Clean your room right now!

: She just likes to clean. That’s why I married her.

: ux|en|He was stabbed clean through.

: ux|en|You must be clean mad.

: He gave the hair a sharp pull and it came out.

*: I awakened with a violent pull upon the ring which was fastened at the top of my box.

: The spaceship came under the pull of the gas giant.

: iron fillings drawn by the pull of a magnet

: She took a pull on her cigarette.

: a zipper pull

: In weights the favourite had the pull.

*: As Blunt had said, the burning ship lay a good twelve miles from the Malabar, and the pull was a long and a weary one. Once fairly away from the protecting sides of the vessel that had borne them thus far on their dismal journey, the adventurers seemed to have come into a new atmosphere.

: a wrestling pull

: rfquotek|Carew

*: Two pulls at once; / His lady banished, and a limb lopped off.

: to take a pull at a mug of beer

: rfquotek|Charles Dickens

*: The pull is not a legitimate stroke, but bad cricket.

: When I give the signal, pull the rope.

: Youre going to have to pull harder to get that cork out of the bottle.

*: He put forth his hand ... and pulled her in.

*: Neer pull your hat upon your brows.

: to pull fruit from a tree; to pull flax; to pull a finch

*: Television, a favored source of news and information, pulls the largest share of advertising monies.

*: He hath turned aside my ways, and pulled me in pieces; he hath made me desolate.

: I pulled at the club last night.

: Hes pulled that bird over there.

: Each day, they pulled the old bread and set out fresh loaves.

: He regularly pulls 12-hour days, sometimes 14.

: Youll be sent home if you pull another stunt like that.

: Ill have to pull a part number for that.

*: Theyll go through their computer system and pull a report of all your order fulfillment records for the time period you specify.

*: It had been a sort of race hitherto, and the rowers, with set teeth and compressed lips, had pulled stroke for stroke.

*: …we had to clear a long hallway, run up half way, pull the boss mob to us, and engage.

*: Basically buff pet, have it pull lots of mobs, shield pet, chain heal pet, have your aoe casters finish off hurt mobs once pet gets good aggro.

*: This is the only thing that should get you to break off from your position, is to pull something off the healer.

*: You could also set a fire trap, pull the mob toward it, then send in your pet….

*: Shield yourself, pull with Mind Blast if you want, or merely pull with SW:P to save mana, then wand, fear if you need to, but use the lowest rank fear.

: The favourite was pulled.

*: Never pull a straight fast ball to leg.

: Lets stop at Finnigans. The barman pulls a good pint.

*: She heard ... of his punting at gaming tables.

: ux|en|She gave the cat a stroke.

: ux|en|a stroke on the chin

*: His hand fetcheth a stroke with the axe to cut down the tree.

*: He entered and won the whole kingdom of Naples without striking a stroke.

: the stroke of a birds wing in flying, or of an oar in rowing

: the stroke of a skater, swimmer, etc.

: a stroke of genius; a stroke of business; a master stroke of policy

: ux|en|on the stroke of midnight

: ux|en|butterfly stroke

: a stroke of apoplexy; the stroke of death

*: At this one stroke the man looked dead in law.

: A flash of lightning may be made up of several strokes. If they are separated by enough time for the eye to distinguish them, the lightning will appear to flicker.

*: in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound

: to give some finishing strokes to an essay

: rfquotek|Addison

: rfquotek|Tennyson

*: where money beareth all the stroke

*: He has a great stroke with the reader.

: rfquotek|Jonathan Swift

*: He dried the falling drops, and, yet more kind, / He stroked her cheeks.

: to stroke a boat

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