vino englanniksi   queer fi, lopsided fi, slanted fi, diagonal fi, vino en, awry fi, oblique fi, crooked fi, prone fi, askew fi, biased fi


*: “I wish I hadn’t cried so much!” said Alice, as she swam about, trying to find her way out. “I shall be punished for it now, I suppose, by being drowned in my own tears! That will be a queer thing, to be sure! However, everything is queer to-day.”

*: One thing has struck me as a bit queer. During my two terms of office the whole Democratic press, and the morbidly honest and reformatory portion of the Republican press, thought it horrible to keep U.S. troops stationed in the Southern States, and when they were called upon to protect the lives of negroes–as much citizens under the Constitution as if their skins were white–the country was scarcely large enough to hold the sound of indignation belched forth by them for some years. Now, however, there is no hesitation about exhausting the whole power of the government to suppress a strike on the slightest intimation that danger threatens.

*: It looked queer to me to see boxes labeled "His Excellency, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America." The packages so labeled contained Bass ale or Cognac brandy, which cost "His Excellency" less than we Yankees had to pay for it. Think of the President drinking imported liquors while his soldiers were living on pop-corn and water!

*: If gender is no longer to be understood as consolidated through normative sexuality, then is there a crisis of gender that is specific to queer contexts?

*: Youre shoving the queer.

*: I was a lot more apt to queer it than help it.

*: If I go, for instance, to the history of the church in Latin America, and decide to queer the history of the Jesuitic Missions, I may find that, in many ways, the missions were more sexual than Christian.

*: Jonathan Goldberg further explores the implications of queering history in his essay in the same volume.

: Carrying a heavy [[suitcase]], he walked with a lopsided [[gait]].

: John came home drunk last night — he’d been at the vino again.

: The frame was awry.

: There is something awry with this story.

*: It has a direction oblique to that of the former motion.

*: The love we bear our friends ... Hath in it certain oblique ends.

*: This mode of oblique research, when a more direct one is denied, we find to be the only one in our power.

*: Then would be closed the restless, oblique eye / That looks for evil, like a treacherous spy.

*: His natural affection in a direct line was strong, in an oblique but weak.

*: Projecting his person towards it in a line which obliqued from the bottom of his spine.

: We walked up the crooked path to the top of the hill.

: That picture is crooked - could you straighten it up for me?

: He was trying to interest me in another one of his crooked deals.

*: During the height of Italian immigration in the United States and in New York City, gangs flourished not only because of poverty but also because of political and social corruption. Policemen and politicians were often as crooked as the gang leaders themselves.

*: But they had already discovered that he could be bullied, and they had it their own way; and presently Selwyn lay prone upon the nursery floor, impersonating a ladrone while pleasant shivers chased themselves over Drina, whom he was stalking.

: He wore his hat askew

: She biased them against him for no apparent reason.

: The newspaper gave a biased account of the incident.

: The table had a biased edge.

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