virtaus englanniksi   tide, flow


: rfdate Let in the tide of knaves once more; my cook and Ill provide. — Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, III-iv

: rfdate And rest their weary limbs a tide — [[w:Edmund Spenser|Edmund Spenser]]

: rfdate Which, at the appointed tide, Each one did make his bride — [[w:Edmund Spenser|Edmund Spenser]]

: rfdate At the tide of Christ his birth — [[w:Fuller|Fuller]]

: rfdate There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. — Shakespeare. Julius Caesar, IV-iii

*: They are tided down the stream.

: The ocean tided most impressively, even frightening

*: What should us tide of this new law?

: The notion of flow is basic to the study of ordinary differential equations.

: ux|en|The room was small, but it had good symmetry and flow.

: ux|en|Turn on the valve and make sure you have sufficient flow.

: ux|en|Tampons can be small or large, slender or thick. From “slender” to “super”, you can pick the size that matches your flow.

: Rivers flow from springs and lakes.

: Tears flow from the eyes.

: Wealth flows from industry and economy.

*: Those thousand decencies that daily flow / From all her words and actions.

: The writing is grammatically correct, but it just doesnt flow.

*: Virgil is sweet and flowing in his hexameters.

*: In that day ... the hills shall flow with milk.

*: the exhilaration of a night that needed not the influence of the flowing bowl

: a flowing mantle; flowing locks

*: the imperial purple flowing in his train

: The tide flows twice in twenty-four hours.

*: The river hath thrice flowed, no ebb between.

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