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*: It is never possible to settle down to the ordinary routine of life at sea until the screw begins to revolve. There is an hour or two, after the passengers have embarked, which is disquieting and fussy.

: rfquotek|Thackeray

: ux|en|have a good screw

*: “Not for Gods sake, for Papás sake. Hes the one who gave Mami a good screw, and then you popped out. Or did you think you were a child of the Immaculate Conception, like the Baby Jesus?

*: A few couples would let selected doggers join in, with the lucky ones managing to get a screw.

*: As she sucked the nicotine deeply into her lungs, she closed her eyes and leaned back against the headboard, enjoying the pleasurable buzz that the combination of a good screw—well, a decent screw—coupled with the nicotine gave.

*: “If I dont go back to my boy friend hell be as mad as hell. Hes a sulky brute, but Christ, hes a good screw.”

*: "Swear it!" Kathleen screamed. "Let her know that shes just another screw. Because, darling, thats all you are. So go on, tell her!"

*: She was just a girl, like any of the girls he had had so easily, just another screw.

*: Mary was Elis favorite screw because she was clean, pretty, a good mother, funny, and alway was able to make herself available for their twice a week fucks as easily as he was.

*: A certain amount of "screw" is as necessary for a man as for a billiard-ball.

: rfquotek|Mayhew

: rfquotek|Ld. Lytton

: ux|en|the skeleton screw (Caprella);  the sand screw

*: Our country landlords, by unmeasurable screwing and racking their tenants, have already reduced the miserable people to a worse condition than the peasants in France.

*: He screwed his face into a hardened smile.

*: I had been calling Nobs in the meantime and was about to set out in search of him, fearing, to tell the truth, to do so lest I find him mangled and dead among the trees of the acacia grove, when he suddenly emerged from among the boles, his ears flattened, his tail between his legs and his body screwed into a suppliant S. He was unharmed except for minor bruises; but he was the most chastened dog I have ever seen.

: ux|en|nowrap|Do you know the way to the airport?nowrap|Come this way and Ill show you a shortcut.nowrap|Its a long way from here.

*: The way seems difficult, and steep to scale.

*: The season and ways were very improper for his majestys forces to march so great a distance.

: ux|en|We got into the cinema through the back way.

: ux|en|If youre ever round this way, come over and visit me.

: ux|en|nowrap|Youre going about it the wrong way.nowrap|Hes known for his quirky ways.nowrap|I dont like the way she looks at me.

: ux|en|Theres no way Im going to clean up after you.

: ux|en|My little sister always whines until she gets her way.

*: Ten minutes into the run Tang slowed, Welch calling out her speed as she lost way.

: ux|en|In a large way, crocodiles and alligators are similar.

: ux|en|Way to ruin the moment, guys.

*: on a time as they together wayd, / He made him open chalenge [...].

: Im way too tired to do that.

: Im a way better singer than she.

*: It turns out thats way more gain than you need for a keyboard, but you dont have to use all of it to benefit from the sonic characteristics.

: Im way tired

: String theory is way cool, except for the math.

*: With all the way cool boys out there, what if you dont recognize them because you dont know what to look for? Or, what if you have a chance to pick a perfect Prince and you end up with a yucky Frog instead?

: I used to live way over there.

: The farmhouse is way down the bottom of the hill.

: Storing extra food for the winter was a wise decision.

: They were considered the wise old men of the administration.

: "It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish" - Aeschylus

: Dont get wise with me!

: Mo wised him up about his situation.

: After Mo had a word with him, he wised up.

*: ... the prize

*: Dead Greece vouchsafes to living eyes, —

*: Her Art for ever in fresh wise

*: From hour to hour rejoicing me.

*: A riven hood was pulled across his eyes;

*: The token of him being upon this wise

*: Made for a sign of Lust.

*: And within a few minutes the rest of us were on our way too, judiciously instructed by Parkapple and the Brighton official, and disposed of in two taxi-cabs, the drivers of which were ordered to convey us to Rottingdean in such wise that each set his load of humanity at different parts of the village and at the same time that the bus was due to arrive at the hotel.

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