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: ux|en|When the sun rises the world becomes visible.

: ux|en|When the sun rises the world becomes visible.

*: […] Hesperus, that led / The starry host, rode brightest, till the moon, / Rising in clouded majesty, at length / Apparent queen unveiled her peerless light, / And o’er the dark her silver mantle threw.

*: Salisbury: It is apparent foul-play; and ’tis shame / That greatness should so grossly offer it: / So thrive it in your game! and so, farewell.

*: When I came to Renfields room I found him lying on the floor on his left side in a glittering pool of blood. When I went to move him, it became at once apparent that he had received some terrible injuries.

*: What w|George Berkeley calls visible magnitude was by astronomers called apparent magnitude.

*: To live on terms of civility, and even of apparent friendship.

*: This apparent motion is due to the finite velocity of light, and the progressive motion of the observer with the earth, as it performs its yearly course about the sun.

: He was conspicuous by his absence.

*: For his height he had a small face. The combination made him conspicuous.

: He had a conspicuous lump on his forehead.

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