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*: the puke saber [...] pulses light over rapidly changing wavelengths, apparently inducing "disorientation, nausea and even vomiting"

*: At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurses arms

: 1599, [[w:William Shakespeare|William Shakespeare]], [[s:The_First_Part_of_King_Henry_the_Fourth

:* Puke-stocking caddis garter

*: I come from a land down under where beer does flow and men chunder

*: There are plenty of winding roads, diesel fumes, crowded public transport and various less than sweet odours to get you chundering when you?re on the move in this part of the world, so take a good supply of motion sickness remedies if you know you?re susceptible to this.

*: “You might have chundered,” said Kate, laughing, “but at least you didn?t get any on yourself—sign of a true lady.”

*: Pretty soon just about everyone onboard was leaning over the rail chundering like sick dogs.

*: The truck chundered and rattled.

*: As their rented van chunders along the highway, John?s voiceover is heard, contemplating the compulsion that drives men to continue using juvenile punk monikers into their mid-thirties.

*: He taxied his plane carefully to the end of the strip and then went further on, into the rough grass. Then, with full flap and maximum throttle, he came chundering along towards us.

*: This mountain when it rageth ... casteth forth huge stones, disgorgeth brimstone.

*: They loudly laughed / To see his heaving breast disgorge the briny draught.

*: Arm chucks represent approximately 54% of the beef forequarters.

*: Often, pieces of the chuck are sold boneless as flat chunks of meat or rolled and tied.

*: The chucks are that portion of foresaddle remaining after excluding the hotel rack and plate portions of the breast as described in Item No. 306. The veal foreshanks (Item No. 312) and brisket may either be attached or separated and packaged with the chucks.

*: I have had a chuck of this kind made in brass with the cones of iron, but it is cumbrous and expensive, and does not answer so well, owing to the surface of the iron offering less resistance to the work turning within it. This, perhaps, might be remedied by roughing; but I think the chuck is much better in wood, as it can be made by any common turner at a trifling expense, and possesses more strength than can possibly be required.

*: Iron and steel in contact with magnets retain some of the magnetism, which is sometimes more or less of a nuisance in getting small work off the chucks.

*: A fiber optic splicing device may be equipped with V-grooves or chucks to hold the two pieces of fiber optic filament to be spliced. If it has chucks, they are typically either clamping chucks or vacuum chucks.

*: The first step in preparing a test specimen with the FlexPrepTM is to secure the gyratory specimen in the chuck of the machine.

*: The call always starts with a whine, to which the males add from 0 to 6 chucks. In choice tests, females approach calls that contain chucks in preference to calls that contain no chucks.

: Are you all right, chuck?

*: Pray, chuck, come hither.

: She gave him an affectionate chuck under the chin.

: rfquotek|Dryden

: Chuck that magazine to me, would you?

: This food?s gone off - you?d better chuck it.

: Shes chucked me for another man!

: Lets chuck.

: rfquotek|Marston

*: Chucks are plentiful, and most farmers are glad to have the incurable diggers kept at tolerable population levels. ... For some reason, my family didn?t eat ?chucks. Few families in the area did.

*: He heaved the bag and its contents over the lip of the boot and on to the flagstones. When it was out, no longer in that boot but on the ground, and the bag was still intact, he knew the worst was over.

*: The body is constructed of welded steel panels, with the bonnet, doors and boot lid in aluminium on steel frames.

*: Peers leant against the outside of the car a lit up her filter tip and watched as Bauer and Putin placed their compact suitcases in the boot of the BMW and slammed the boot lid down.

: I booted the ball toward my teammate.

*: Coated and booted for it.

: We need to boot those troublemakers as soon as possible

*: As an IRC member with operator status, Swallow was able to manage who was allowed to remain in chat sessions and who got booted off the channel.

*: Even flagrant violators of the TOS are not booted.

*: In Electroserver, the kick command disconnects a user totally from the server and gives him a message about why he was booted.

: Sorry, I didn’t mean to boot all over your couch.

*: Thou art boot for many a bruise / And healest many a wound.

*: next her Son, our souls best boot

*: Ill give you boot, Ill give you three for one.

*: Then talk no more of flight, it is no boot.

*: What booteth it to others that we wish them well, and do nothing for them?

*: What subdued / To change like this a mind so far imbued / With scorn of man, it little boots to know.

*: What boots to us your victories?

*: And I will boot thee with what gift beside / Thy modesty can beg.

: It took three boots, but I finally got the application installed.

: When arriving at the office, first thing I do is booting my machine.

*: The fish ... vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.

*: After about a minute, the creek bed vomited the debris into a gently sloped meadow. Saugstad felt the snow slow and tried to keep her hands in front of her.

*: Like the sons of Vulcan, vomit smoke.

*: a column of smoke, such as might be vomited by a park of artillery

*: He gives your Hollander a vomit.

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