vuodatus englanniksi   jeremiad fi, tirade fi, harangue fi, rant fi, barrage fi


*: "Father Maguire," he said in the broadest of Cork brogues, without the ghost of a smile on his grave Irish face, "is it a song yez wantin? Well, thin, its just a jeremiad I d be singin yez, an not another song at all, at all."

*: “This is precisely the manner of Balkanization that Schlesinger cautioned us about in his prescient jeremiad on multiculturalism, The Disuniting of America.”

*: Cannes is smacking its lips in anticipation of filmmaker and provocateur Michael Moores latest jeremiad against the US administration, which receives its premiere at the film festival today.

: She gave her son a harangue about the dangers of playing in the street.

: The priest took thirty minutes to deliver his harangue on timeliness, making the entire service run late.

*: But he continued his harangue without waiting for a reply.

: The angry motorist leapt from his car to harangue the other driver.

*: This picture of her consequence had some effect, for no one loved better to lead than Maria; and with far more good-humour she answered, "I am much obliged to you, Edmund; you mean very well, I am sure: but I still think you see things too strongly; and I really cannot undertake to harangue all the rest upon a subject of this kind. There would be the greatest indecorum, I think."

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