yhdistäminen englanniksi   conjunction fi, coupling fi, unification fi, combination fi, aggregation fi, wedding fi, confluence fi, copulation fi, association fi, connection fi


*: Certaine Nations (and amongst others, the Mahometane) abhorre Conjunction with women great with childe.

*: 5.7.T ( Unification theorem ) For any two terms or formulas
without quantifiers X and Y, the following holds.
(i) The unification algorithm UNIF1, applied to X, Y,
terminates after a finite number of steps.
(ii) {X, Y} is unifiable iff UNIF1 so indicates upon ter-
mination. Moreover, the substitution σ then available as out-
put is a most general unifier of {X, Y}.

*: Accordingly the Prince, accepting her largesse, sought the King to whom he had pledged his parents (and they were still with him in all weal and welfare) and going in to him made his salam and kissed ground and told him the whole tale of the past and the conditions of death or marriage he had made with the Kings daughter and of his wedding her after overcoming her in contention.

: Her announcement was quite a surprise, coming a month after she published the words "I hate weddings with a passion and a fury I can only partially explain rationally."

*: Simple and brief was the wedding, as that of Ruth and of Boaz.

*: Rumor has it that there will be a wedding in our village ere the daisies are in bloom.

*: After the wedding there was singing and concertina-playing in the laundry till late evening.

: The wedding of our three companies took place last week.

*: That wedding of the fur companies is historic.

*: Significantly, Grand Metropolitan elaborates upon the wedding of tradition and consumer narcissim that is the distinctively British version of private-sector collective representations;....

*: The wedding of commercial with universal banking would result in more careful project evaluation and selection and a closer monitoring of existing loans.

*: The wedding of black brass bands and orchestras to jubilee concert companies was a consolidation that favored both promoters and musicians.

: We encountered an abandoned boat at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

: The confluence of the rivers produced a great rush of water.

: The confluence of our skills resulted in a successful home renovation project.

: the connection between overeating and obesity

: My headache has no connection with me going out last night.

: As we were the only people in the room to laugh at the joke, I felt a connection between us.

: computers linked by a network connection

: I was talking to him, but there was lightning and we lost the connection.

: The bus was late so he missed his connection at Penn Station and had to wait six hours for the next train.

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