yhdistyminen englanniksi   unification fi, confluence fi, merger fi, copulation fi, association fi, coalescence fi


*: 5.7.T ( Unification theorem ) For any two terms or formulas
without quantifiers X and Y, the following holds.
(i) The unification algorithm UNIF1, applied to X, Y,
terminates after a finite number of steps.
(ii) {X, Y} is unifiable iff UNIF1 so indicates upon ter-
mination. Moreover, the substitution σ then available as out-
put is a most general unifier of {X, Y}.

: We encountered an abandoned boat at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

: The confluence of the rivers produced a great rush of water.

: The confluence of our skills resulted in a successful home renovation project.

: Club mergers reduced the number of teams by half

: the [[cot-caught merger]]

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