yhtiö englanniksi   company, corporation


: ux|en|A company of actors.

: ux|en|the boys in Company C

: ux|en|It took six companies to put out the fire.

: ux|en|As he had worked for the CIA for over 30 years, he would soon take retirement from the company.

: ux|en|Keep the house clean; I have company coming.

: ux|en|I treasure your company.

*: Ye dooe knowe howe thatt hytt ys an unlawefull thynge for a man beynge a iewe to company or come unto an alient [...].

*: it was with a distinctly fallen countenance that his father hearkened to his mothers parenthetical request to “’bide hyar an’ company leetle Moses whilst I be a-milkin’ the cow.”

*: Men which have companied with us all the time.

: rfquotek|Spenser

: rfquotek|Bishop Hall

*: Youd be surprised, said Stanley, as though this were intensely interesting, at the number of chaps at the club who have got a corporation.

*: He was a big chap with a corporation already, and a flat face rather like Doras, and he had a thin black moustache.

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