yskiä englanniksi   cough up, expectorate


: He was coughing up blood.

: Do you think hell be able to cough up the three grand by Tuesday?

*: Cough it up, Cooper.

: That team had the game won, but they coughed it up in the end.

*: England had never before come back to win from a margin of more than 12 points, and the errors continued to come thick and fast as Tom Croft became the latest to cough up the ball.

: ux|en|I breathed in a lungful of smoke by mistake, and started to cough.

: ux|en|The engine coughed and sputtered.

: Behind me, I heard a distinct, dry cough.

: Sorry, I cant come to work today – Ive got a nasty cough.

: He was – cough – indisposed.

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